The Linden Suites, More Than Just Staycation | Ortigas Center Pasig City

Coming from a long week of work, I was ready to party.

And there is no better place to party than in the Linden Suites.

Located in the busy, but prime center of Ortigas, Linden Suites offers a perfect place for those who want to get away from it all – without really being out of the city.

The Linden Suites stands among one of the buildings along San Miguel Avenue, just near the Octagon building and a cartwheel away from SM Megamall. Despite in tight competition with other hotels in the area, the Linden Suites specializes in a different kind of room.

Their spacious suites are perfect for a house party!

The Linden Suites | Ortigas Center

The Linden Suites | Ortigas Center

The Linden Suites | Ortigas Center

We had our second travel bloggers house party at Linden Suites, this time at their refurbished rooms.
The room assigned to me was one of the extension rooms for our main party room. The main party room had a spacious living room, extended into a kitchen and dining room. We chose this for our main party room because its living room was big enough to do cartwheels. It was also a great place to take group photos and do bad karaoke at the same time.

We set our food in the kitchen/dining room and because we did potluck, we didn’t expect to have so much food for the party. Nevertheless, it was better to have lots of food than none at all. Especially when we had 12 bottles of red and white wine from FlyAce Corporation. Thank YOU, by the way.


The main party room also had a huge bedroom with a queen sized bed and a bathroom. The bedroom within the main party room overlooked Ortigas Center and was as illuminating, even when the lights were closed. We liked having one bedroom near where all the partying was happening so when one of us passes out we could play with them. The bathroom was huge, complete with a closet, two bathrobes and slippers and a vault for our important stuff. In the extended room, we had one single bed and another queen sized bed. We had our own bathroom, of course, with toiletries for a good bath, especially after the many, many drinks we had that night.

Travel Bloggers

We finished partying around 3 – 4AM, with none of us in a hurry at all, as we had our own beds to go to just a few steps away. It was awesome to be in a house party where we knew where we’d sleep after. We didn’t have to worry about how we’d end up home after getting boozed the entire night.

If you’re looking to party the entire night, there’s no better place than The Linden Suites.

The Linden Suites
37 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Centre, Pasig City 1600, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel (63 2) 638 7878
Fax (63 2) 638 7877
(63 2) 633 7012
Email: sales@lindensuites.com

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