Summer Staycation at Subic Homes | Subic, Zambales

Who would have thought that a day would come for me to experience living in a place that is once became the home of American Navy and witnessed to how they greatly influenced our culture and history.

Some of my friends laughed when they found out that this is my first time in Subic. But who cares? If I remember it right, the only moment I remember passing through Subic is when I went to Zambales. There was no chance for me to explore the place or should I say, going there did not even cross through my mind because there is nothing much to see and do there aside from seeing the former American naval base and yacht club. Hearing those places also give me an impression of luxury living. And when I say luxury living, that means a lot. What I am going to do there right?

Little did I know that this impression about Subic would somehow change after we spent one whole weekend there together with some of my friends.

We arrived at Subic past noon and had our lunch taken at Aristocrat. With so much food on our table, the ones that I like most were the chicken inasal and laing. The chicken inasal’s servings are big and perfect with java sauce. After lunch, sets of desserts were also served like sago’t gulaman, halo-halo and leche plan.

Right after the sumptuous feast at Aristocrat, we were then brought to where we will spend the weekend, Subic Homes. Subic Homes are from the former housing facilities of American Naval officers. According to Ms. Jeanne, In 1991, American Navy turned over the Subic Bay Naval Base to our government. Right after it was being turned over, the housing facilities was neglected and started dilapidating, making it inhabitable. When they developed and opened the Freeport and Tourism Zone, locators and investors started to look for a better and quality housing facilities, thus the birth of Subic Homes Inc. In 1996, Subic Homes Inc was the one who responded and saved the dilapidating housing facilities. If before the place is no longer habitable, they turned it out to become the best accommodation that will answer the need of those people who are looking for a safe, clean and convenient place to live in.

I did not know what to expect. I did not even have any idea of how it looks like, but along way, I can think that there is something great inside that forest. Roads are in between trees, creating a relaxing and quiet ambience. And when we finally reached our unit, I was glad to see it’s indeed a nice villa, which almost resembles my ideal house.

subic homes
Feel at Home at Subic Homes
We immediately went upstairs to check our rooms. I was really satisfied that each room is spacious and clean. The master’s bedroom where Brenna and Kaiz stayed has its own bathroom, while the other two has a common bathroom which is just outside the door. Eric and Jerome’s room has two beds while ours has a big one enough for me and Ivan to fit. The mattress and pillows are clean too. We have our cabinet where we can hang our clothes and organize our stuff. A lampshade beside our bed perfectly lit the room to make as asleep or guide our way when we wake up whenever we want to go out in the middle of the night. After putting our bags to our respective rooms, we gathered in the living area to rest. There’s also a big LCD TV with cable channel service. I walked inside the house to see the dining area and the kitchen. The kitchen is clean and fully furnished. You can cook your own meal because they already provided the basic kitchenware and appliances. The sliding door near the living area will lead you to the backyard where there is barbeque grill, a perfect place where you can also hang out for fresh air.

The air-conditioning system is centralized, meaning all areas has the same but enough level of coldness. No parts can you experience an uneven temperature in the entire house.There is also another room upon entry of the main door. This clean room is dedicated for your driver and help. It has also its own bathroom inside. Another powder room is located near it for your basic necessities so there’s no need for you to rush upstairs to do your thing. All bathrooms are provided with clean towels and other toiletries.

I went outside to see what’s nearby; I was so envious after seeing some bikers. Indeed, the place is safe and perfect to bike, jog or just walk since you can barely spot cars passing by. The villa has its own parking area as well.

Other activities we tried in Subic include Tree Top Adventure and Zoobic Safari while gastronomic voyage took us to Sumosam and Seafood Island located at the newly opened Harbour Point Mall.We got very tired with all those activities but very happy and grateful as we know we are going to go back at the villa which looks like our home, Subic Homes.

Address: 56-A. Lanzones Street Samahan Heights Binictican, Subic Bay Freeport Zone Philippines 2222
Tel: +63 (47) 252-1906
Tel: +63 (47) 252-1907
Fax: +63 (47) 252-2608
Smart: +63 (920) 303-2403
Globe: +63 (906) 207-7402
Sun Cellular: +63 (923) 358-6211
Email: info@subichomes.com

*This article is originally posted in TrackingTreasure.net

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