Holiday Inn Resort in Ao Nang Krabi [ Thailand]

Tired and without any decent sleep from the crazy full moon party in Koh Phangan, my friends and I took the early and quite long journey going to our next destination via ferry and bus. At the bus stop, we were picked up by the service van courtesy of the resort where we will be staying. That time, we were hosted by Holiday Inn Resort, a four-star hotel-resort located in a

beachside town of Ao Nang in Krabi.

We arrived mid-afternoon, and we were all dead-tired from last night’s party and the long journey. Good thing, we were welcomed with a refreshing drink (I had 2 glasses actually) and checking-in was a bit fast.

I took our key and went straight to our room. It’s quite far from the lobby or reception area but what I like about its location is the peacefulness and the “green” view from our balcony.

It kinda looks the same from other resort hotels that I had stayed before but what makes it standout is its modern design adorned with local handicrafts and really nice paintings and wall decor. Our room has twin bed, large flat screen TV DVD player and alarm clock with docking station. There is also an area where I can just place my laptop and work. I also love the fact that there are plenty of power outlets, enough to charge our gadgets all at the same time.

I sat down at the balcony and I didn’t notice that I already fell asleep. It was only when my friend woke me up to prepare for our dinner outside together with other friends.

I quickly went to the bathroom to freshen up. It’s very spacious unlike the other hotels/resorts that I had been already. I have enough space to move freely and put on my clothes. Toiletries and bathroom essentials were plenty enough.

If I already liked our assigned room, I got envy after seeing my other friends’ room. One of them had a room with a direct access to the pool while the other had a penthouse overlooking the perfect view of the swimming pools and the gardens. I kinda felt sad that moment. :(

Photo by Marx

The resort is 4-acre property, modern and just perfect. I like the tropical feel as it is surrounded with trees and a well-manicured gardenscape. There is also a little river at the back where some plants, I guess, it’s a type of mangrove and you can even hear some birds and insects.

My friends and I walked around the town to see and feel what it’s like in Ao Nang. From the main lobby, just across the street is already the beach. I guess locals and mostly tourists were on the beach that moment. We were just in time to see the beautiful sunset.

After witnessing the mighty sun to fade from the horizon, we walked again to find a place where we can eat. What I like about the location of our resort is that, aside from its own restaurants, there are lots of other restaurants and food establishments nearby that offers a variety of cuisines. There is also a 24-hr convenient store on its left.

We took our time to buy some souvenirs while my other friends were looking for a tour company where we can book our island-hopping tour the next morning. Actually, there are lots of travel agencies near the hotel where you can book your tour, and they all offer a great package, it’s up to you to haggle to get a good rate.

At night, the entire resort exudes a different beauty and calmness, especially when all the garden lights are on. I like how everything was properly lit, from the pathways to the swimming pools all the way to the Wave Bar. I particularly like the big chandelier with fish-like ornaments hanging in the main lobby.

The following morning, we had our breakfast at Inn Asia Restaurant. It’s fulfilling and at the same time, relaxing to feast on variety of cuisine while having a very scenic view of the sea. You can see the waters of Andaman Sea sparkling and some boats sailing either to go fishing or island-hopping.

Photo by Marx

Holiday Inn Resort has 3 bars to cater its guest needs. The very prominent one is the Wave Bar which you can easily spot upon entry. It’s just located near the reception area. The Lagoon Bar, is the pool bar. Perfect if you want to have a margarita or cocktail while swimming.

Our Beach Hop Asia, Thailand leg wouldn’t have been this exciting if we didn’t experience what we have experienced in Krabi. The island hopping, the drinking, the trekking and of course the friendship we had as a group plus the hospitality that Holiday Inn Resort let us feel during our stay. Our Krabi experience is definitely a “thumbs up”.

Holiday Inn Resort Krabi Ao Nang Beach
Check discounted rates here.
123 Moo 3 Ao Nang Beach
A. Muang Krabi, Thailand
Phone: +66 75 810-888
Email: info@holidayinnkrabi.com



1. Island Hopping
2. Railay Beach and the Viewpoint
3. Ao Nang Beach
4. Sa Phra Nang (Holy Princess Pool also known as the Hidden Lagoon)
5. Tham Phra Nang Nok (Princess Cave, collection of carved wooden phallic symbols)
6. Tham Phra Nang Nai (Diamond Cave)
7. Rock Climbing

*Our stay is courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort Krabi. All opinions are mine.


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