Azalea Residences: Your Home in the City of Pines


Since temperature in Baguio barely goes up to 20 degrees all year round. A stroll along pine tree-lined streets is surely enough to entertain your day but at the end, you also deserve a comfortable place to rest which will make you feel just like you are at home. That exactly what I had experienced in Azalea Residences Baguio located along Leonards Woods.

While getting nearer, the mist at the car window did not blur the view I am seeing. “The place looks familiar” I uttered. And I was exactly right. Upon alighting from the van, I realized that this was the construction site I saw last year from the nearby village where I stayed. Who would have thought that the busy and bare area would turn out to be a distinguished and impressive architecture?

Azalea - lobby

Azalea - facade

We arrived at around 5am in the morning and we were hospitably welcomed by the hotel staff. The quickly assisted us with our bags and directed us to the reception area. We were greeted with a smile. Something you will never experience in other hotel especially when you arrive very early in the morning. While confirming our accommodation, my eyes kept on looking at the perfectly arranged and relaxing color tone of the bar at the left. Checking in was so fast and we were escorted to our room so we can take a rest we all deserve after that almost 6 hours of travel. It is something that I don’t usually experience in some hotel. The staff of Azalea Residence I think was trained to value their guests’ comfort and needs.

Azalea - room

azalea - bed

As we entered our 3-bedroom suite, the cozy and modern interior gave us an engaging feel. The kitchen is well furnished as they already provided more than just what we really need plus the dining table with high stools perfectly divided the kitchen and living area.

azalea -collage 2

As I looked in to each rooms, I have noticed that we all have a big LCD TV plus another one in the living area. For those who can’t stay away from their ipod, there’s a dock where you can plug it in. Each room gives a warm feeling making our sleep very much comfortable. The beds are so spacious for two. Mattresses and pillows are clean and white too. The sofa in the living area can also be converted into bed as they mentioned. All you have to do is figure it out or in our case we asked for help. lol

Azalea - Living room

I’ve also sneaked with our bathroom. For me, should I say “for all of us”, it is very important to have a bathroom that is clean. It’s not because of being meticulous but just assuring our very own safety and health. Azalea residences did not disappoint me, from the sink to the toilet bowl to the tub, it’s all clean. They have also provided us with all the toiletries we need. And also, their towels smelled so heavenly, as what my friends also noticed.

Azalea collage

For us who also work online, an available Wi-Fi is a big convenience. In Azalea Residences it’s free, unlike any other hotel that we find the expensive charge not worthy of their internet service. We even had the chance to get and receive update from our group, sent email and even submit my project before the deadline.

Tradisyon Cafe

Then the breakfast, they served different kinds to cater every guest’s preference. They got bread with different jams and spreads, pancakes, fried rice, sets of viands, congee, fried fish and eggs. Alongside are hot drinks like coffee and chocolate. Aside from fruit juices, there are also fresh fruits in the table. The breakfast is being served at the Tradisyon Cafe.

Azalea - 8 Degrees Lounge

Remember the bar I’ve mentioned earlier, it is called the 8 Degrees Bar Lounge, located at the left side main lobby, opposite to Tradisyon Cafe. This cozy bar offers variety of cocktails and drinks. You don’t need to go out of the hotel if you want to drink and warm up your body from the cold temperature of Baguio.

The play area is perfect for kids. It is built in a beautifully landscaped space outside. Kids can also safely play at night because the playground is well lit and a 24-hour security is just around.

Azalea - playground

Azalea Residences may reflect a luxury type of living but with all the services and amenities of superb quality, every peso you will spend is all worth it. For more information about Azalea Residences.

Address: #7 Leonard Wood Loop, Brgy. M. Roxas, Baguio City
Email Reservations: reservations@azalea.com.ph
Manila Reservations: (02) 579-4890 ; (02) 579-4894
Baguio Reservations: (74) 442-8888
Website: http://www.azalea.com.ph

For a hassle-free tour around Baguio, you may also inquire at the main lobby as Azalea Residences also arrange package tour around Baguio’s favorite destinations.


* All the photos that appear in this article are from Darwin Cayetano of www.trackingtreasure.net

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